Marike Farenhorst

Why art? To me, art represents science. I want to be able to create connections, to discover new materials and connecting them. Connection is crucial for me. What are the possibilities and can I add new ones? And how can these be linked to communications, the psyche and the society in which we live. Independently gazing upon the world in search of creativity and philosophy. Challenging myself to think more deeply.

My themes are inspired by nature, but designed in my own way. My search for inner peace is always reflected within these themes.
 The materials are chosen intuitively; I welcome coincidences and am always looking to expand boundaries. Frail materials like paper, textile and other natural materials reflect the contents: my work is about intimacy and vulnerability.

Unfortunately I cannot show all my work on this site. You are very welcome to make an appointment and see more in my studio.

detail nokvorst nieuw werk Marike Farenhorst textiel en klei, verbindingen

Kunstkijktocht Rheden

30 en 31 mei 2015

kunstkijktocht Rheden 30 en 31 mei 2015



Hogestraat 9a Dieren

6 maart – 7 juni 2015.

Open: wednesday until sunday

10.30 – 18.00 hours.